Teeth Gap Treatment

Is the gap between your front teeth bothering you? Dealing with lack of confidence?

Time to close them now!!!

Tooth gap or happy teeth is something that bothers at least 35% of the population according to studies. What is more frustrating is that there are too many options but too little confirmative or reliable sources of information. Permanent solutions for gap between front teeth can range from a simple orthodontic correction to a more comprehensive smile correction or smile designing treatments done by an expert dental cosmetologist or a smile designer.

Solutions to gaps cannot be generalised. Sometimes you can get an over the call consultation but for a more accurate and reliable solution for gaps in teeth (teeth gap treatment) one may have to consult the dentist.

Gaps can be due to several factors like mouth breathing, thumb sucking, hereditary, genetics or even partial anodontia!

However minor gaps can be effectively treated with help of

Orthodontic closure:

Metal or tooth coloured braces treatment, Invisible aligners

Time frame: Upto 2-4 months

Pros: No loss of tooth structure (no grind in involved)

Permanent and one time solution

Composite filling or Rrestorative closure

Time frame: Single visit

Pros: Instant solution, Painless

Cons: Needs yearly maintenance and polishing of restoration

Smile designing

Veneers or crowns

Time frame: 3-5 days

Pros: Superior aesthetics

Cons: Minimal grinding of teeth involved, requires careful and effective hygiene maintenance

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